georgina harland

Georgina is an Olympic Medalist with an exceptional record of sustained international success characterised by determination, energy and focus. She is a highly effective communicator who has delivered motivational speeches and programmes to global corporate, sporting and charitable organisations and has been elected to numerous Executive and Management Boards and Committees. She is a natural leader with the innate ability to inspire, enthuse and connect with colleagues and associates.

Last book you read?
The boy in stripped pyjamas

Your heroes include …?
I don’t have any particular heroes, just people who I admire hugely. These are usually people I have met during my career and have influenced me. They include Dame Mary Peters, Baroness Sue Campbell, Dr Steve Peters and my family

Best day at work (so far)?
Standing on the Olympic Podium

Who makes you laugh?
Everyone close to me

Last journey you took?
My favourite journey…driving home

What’s on your desk?
I don’t have one!

How do you deal with stress?
By getting things into perspective and looking beyond the event.  

3 people you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?
3 people from those I mentioned above as major influencers in my life

Favourite place?
Patagonia, Chile