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heather monro

Heather Monro has been coaching and delivering training and development for 5 years, following a highly successful career as a World medal-winning athlete in the sport of orienteering; where battles are fought in the world’s most extreme wilderness terrains.

Her success not only in orienteering but in extreme team sports too, means she has a unique experience of what it takes to perform at the highest level, to work effectively with a team under extreme conditions and to succeed in unfamiliar environments/international arenas.

Her mission is to unlock the potential she found in herself, in everyone she works with; she is passionate about working with people to close the gap between performance and potential and believes that coaching can unleash the energy for significant personal and professional development and positive change.

Heather approaches her work with a passion, commitment and an open, and engaging style. She is a skilled coach and facilitator with considerable experience of public speaking and design and delivery of training packages across a wide range of topics and audiences.

Last book you read?
'Inspired' by Sir Steve Redgrave

Your heroes include …?
I've never really had 'heroes', only people who I have come into contact with who have inspired me along the way – these have included a scout leader when I was a child, one outstanding coach and other competitors I came into contact with as an athlete, the midwife who delivered my 1st child, the Chair of my former employers with the most outstanding leadership qualities I’ve ever come across, my tutor and supervisor when I was training to become a coach.

Favourite line from a film?
"Do or do not, there is no try" Jedi master Yoda, in Star Wars

Best day at work (so far)?
Lots - every time that a client has an 'aha' moment.

Who makes you laugh?
My 2 year old daughter 

Last journey you took?
To Leeds, by train for a day of work yesterday – I walk to the station (half an hour) whenever I can and travel by train whenever possible–time on the train feels like bonus time where I can read / daydream or strike up interesting conversations with people I would never otherwise have met!

What’s on your desk?
Always a bottle of water, chocolate and a to-do list.

How do you deal with stress?
Go out and run in the wilderness!

3 people you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?
Judi Dench
Lance Armstrong
My grandfather (who I never met)

Favourite place?
Deep in the ancient pine forest of Northern Scotland.