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jamie andrew

Jamie Andrew is the Scottish mountaineer who had his hands and feet amputated following a horrific accident in the French Alps. Miraculously, despite his handicap, Jamie has carried on with his mountaineering career and has made some amazing ascents all over the world, raising many thousands of pounds for charity along the way.

Last book you read?
Seven Years in Tibet – reread Heinrich Harrer’s classic account of being stranded in Tibet.  A fascinating glimpse of a swiftly vanishing culture.

Your heroes include …? 
My greatest heroes are ordinary people, some disabled, who take on the great challenges they face in life without complaining and without expecting anything in return.

Favourite line from a film?
"...tis but a flesh wound"  Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Positive thinking!

Best day at work (so far)?
Climbing in the Alps with a group of school kids – what a way to make a living!

Who makes you laugh?
My kids

Last journey you took?
Hong Kong – a long way to go for a speaking engagement

What’s on your desk?
Binoculars in case an interesting bird appears at the window; nuts, bolts, duct tape, Velcro, foam mat, etc for constructing my latest amputee invention; a large collection of maps.

How do you deal with stress?
Watch birds, invent amputee devices, read maps.

3 people you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?
My wife Anna (seldom get the chance these days), Richard Colley of Sladen Consulting (likewise), and Gandhi (mix things up a bit).

Favourite place?
The foot of the mountain, on the way down from a successful ascent.