Paul Redwood

Paul is an Organisational Development consultant and Executive Coach. He specialises in leadership and change, helping Executives drive their personal performance and that of their businesses.  

Last book you read?
Non-fiction: A General Theory of Love, Lewis et al. – 
a beautifully written exploration of science’s understanding the functionality of the brain and how it falls short of explaining our emotions or why our characters are as they are…

Fiction: Girl who kicked the hornets nest – Steig Larson – excellent, gripping….

Your heroes include …?
My Mum
Richard Attenborough
Billy Connelly
Jason Robinson for scoring that try

Favourite line from a film?
“There was a girl…” first line, opening song in Moulin Rouge

Best day at work (so far)?

Who make you laugh? (And cry!)
Billy C; my youngest, middle and eldest sons; My old mate Stu

Last journey you took? 
Most memorable: Driving across the Kalahari desert in a clapped out Land Rover with my new wife and no idea where we were going or what to do if we broke down!

Most Recent: Lands End to John O’G on two wheels and lycra!

What’s on your desk?
An elephant with a broken ear; electronic guff; my elbows

How do you deal with stress?

3 people you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?
Churchill; Ellen MacArthur; My Mum

 Favourite place?
Wherever I can be alone and happy with my wife