paula isherwood

An accomplished coach and facilitator committed to developing positive long-term business relationships. With her sense of fun and positive view on life she manages to combine knowledge, experience and wisdom with highly refined intuition. She is at her best when sharing her knowledge, providing practical tools and proven methods her clients can use to develop themselves and their business.

Last book you read?
The Master Key by Charles Haanel. Three Sisters Trilogy by Nora Roberts

Your heroes include …?
Michael my husband!
Robin Williams
Helen Keller

Favourite line from a film?
What a nasty little elf, you must be from the South Pole! From Elf

Best day at work (so far)?
Every day is the best day... its what you make it.

Who make you laugh?
My kids
Watching Comedy films, I would recommend ‘Old Dogs’

 Last journey you took?
Cyprus, to meet up with my husband while he was on leave from the RAF when he was serving in Afghanistan.

What’s on your desk?
Art pad, coloured pens, food!

How do you deal with stress?
Rock gently in a corner but seriously I go for a walk, the more stressed I am the longer I walk, it helps me to put things into perspective.

3 people you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?
My mum
Jamie Oliver (He can do the cooking)

Favourite place?