Why would you choose to work on a Saturday?

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I'll tell you why.  When you feel like you can really make a difference or support a team in doing so.  And that was why I found myself in the heart of London on Saturday 10th February.  I had the wonderful opportunity of working with a group of committed leaders who volunteer for HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen's Association), a not for profit organisation promoting gender parity in the healthcare sector.

This group made up the leadership team of the London Chapter, a rapidly growing network and one, in my view, that has a great future.  They were considering how they could operate together and develop as an even higher performing team.  The day was filled with thoughts, ideas and suggestions that created in all of us insights that we could apply together as a team, but also in the organisations that we represent.  

As you can see from the photographs there was laughter and fun and the opportunity to spend time together to build relationships was appreciated by all.

I wonder what cause would you give up some of your precious time for?  We would love to hear from you.


Anna Thompson