Saying you support Gender Diversity is easy - but in practice ...

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I don’t think I know anyone who says that they don’t support Gender Diversity.  Of course I do.  I found however, my arrogant assumption was challenged when I was privileged to attend the Annual Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association European summit in Berlin.  

This was attended by over 250 delegates, 5 of whom were men.  I was seriously in the minority and stood out like a sore thumb.  The event was truly inspirational, hearing stories of women leading innovation, acting bravely and making a difference in the world.  

I was also challenged in my clumsy use of language and my unconscious bias leaked like a sieve from every pore.  This experience really made me reflect on how I come across and even though I am a supporter of Gender Diversity in its wider sense, my upbringing and experiences affect the way I behave.  It has made me think far harder about the impact my behaviour has on others.  I wonder if you fall into the same trap?



Anna Thompson