steve wade

Steve is an experienced facilitator of personal & professional development to executive level who loves enabling groups and individuals to learn.  He has a hugely varied experience of enabling group and individual learning in safe, creative environments.  He describes his work as the area 'where the personal and the professional overlap' and spends most of his time engaged in management development programmes and coaching.

Last book you read?
'Reflective practice & supervision for coaches' by Julie Hall (its gripping). More fun was Wolf Hall.

Your heroes include …? 
Didn’t the Stranglers and their like put an end to all that nonsense back in the seventies with 'No More Heroes' etc? Nevertheless I still love Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen!

Favourite line from a film? 
' Yes, we are all individuals' – the crowd, en masse, at the crucifixion in Life of Brian. 

Best day at work (so far)? 
Too many to choose from but a series of community projects and social enterprise programmes in remote and troubled parts of S. Africa with groups of senior executives from all over the world was very memorable.

Who makes you laugh?
My children.

Last journey you took? 
A day trip by car to Oxford from London. The return journey took 4 hours.

What’s on your desk? 
Laptop, books about coaching, diary and clutter

How do you deal with stress? 
Socialise, listen to music or climb rocks

3 people you’d like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?
Joan Baez, Michael Palin & Shami Chakrabarti

Favourite place?
The Lake District?
South Africa?
Yosemite? Too many to choose from…